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First Day

Today is my first day at Luma Touch. I’m joining them as a Principal Software Engineer. I'll be working on their incredible iOS apps, including LumaFusion. I talked about leaving Lambda in my last post. I wouldn’t have left if I weren’t incredibly excited about where I was going.

Luma Touch’s biggest product is LumaFusion, a professional video editing app for iOS. LumaFusion has a big, passionate user base made up of video professionals as well as “regular people”. They have a solid roadmap with lots of fun stuff to work on in the weeks, months, and years to come.

At Luma Touch, I’m joining a team of engineers I’ve known and respected for a while, including one of my former students. I'll get to work with a group of engineers with varying experience levels, and hope to be able to mentor those who are newer to the industry.

I’m most fulfilled when I get to work on things that people use because they love them. I got into Mac development, and later iOS development, precisely because I loved the user-focused, design-first approach that apps on the Mac platform took. I wanted to build the same kinds of things that I loved using myself. I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my software engineering career working on just those kinds of apps. I also have a background in media programming and even some video editing and production experience (a long time ago!).

With all of this in mind, Luma Touch feels like a perfect fit.